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Facts You Might Want to Know About Samsonite

One of the aspects that makes a trip comfortable and enjoyable is the ability to carry your unforgettable memories home safely. But are your bags and suitcases up to the task, no matter what the conditions? If you have opted for Samsonite, you can rest assured! With more than a century of experience, Samsonite continues its brand journey with a broad product range capable of meeting all the needs of today’s travelers. The top-quality products by Samsonite enable you to take all your belongings on the road safely and embark on new journeys without a second thought.

Join us as we take a closer look at Samsonite, the indispensable companion for travelers who know their way around!  

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 1. What does Samsonite stand for as a brand?

Samsonite offering a broad product range from briefcases to wallets, backpacks to suitcases, security locks to umbrellas stands out as a brand that can respond to a large variety of travel and daily needs.

 2. What country is Samsonite from?

Samsonite is an American brand founded in Denver. Renowned for its quality products and successful advertising ideas, the brand soon became known throughout the Americas and later all across the world.

 3. When was Samsonite founded?

Samsonite was founded by Jesse Shwayder on March 10, 1910. In the following years, two other sons of the Shwayder family became partners in the company. The Shwayder brothers named the first suitcase they produced Samson, one of the powerful characters in the Bible. This is how the name of the company came about.

 4. How is Samsonite pronounced?

Given that the brand originated in an English-speaking country, Samsonite is pronounced as "sam-suh-nite" as per English pronunciation rules.

 5. What are the products in Samsonite’s product range?

Samsonite's product range includes suitcases and laptop bags along with multipurpose backpacks, handbags, wallets, laptop and tablet sleeves, garment bags, suitcase locks, suitcase straps, luggage tags, umbrellas, and many more products that make life easier.

 5.1. Samsonite Carry-On Luggage Range

Samsonite carry-on luggage range is the ideal option for all who don’t like waiting in line to claim their luggage or who like having their belongings next to them! Carry-on luggage types by Samsonite are available in different sizes per applicable airline procedures. You can find a suitable Samsonite carry-on luggage for every airline!

 5.2. Samsonite Small Size Luggage Range

People may need extra luggage space on trips with plenty of shopping. Samsonite’s small size luggage range allows you to carry all your belongings safely. Moreover, Samsonite small size luggage options can also be used as carry-on luggage so that you can have all your belongings with you throughout the flight.

 5.3. Samsonite Medium Size Luggage Range

Some needs may be too large to fit in carry-on luggage but too small for large size luggage. This is where Samsonite’s medium size luggage comes to your rescue! May it be a long trip for one person or a quick weekend getaway for two, Samsonite medium size luggage offers twice the space of carry-on luggage.

 5.4. Samsonite Large Size Luggage Range

Samsonite large size luggage is a lifesaver for all who like taking long vacations or sharing their suitcase with their partner, friends, or children! The lightweight structure of Samsonite’s large size luggage range, despite the huge packing capacity they offer, makes them an easy task to carry around!

 5.5. Samsonite Kids Luggage

Samsonite kids luggage available with top handle and ride-on options turns long journeys into a fun memory for every member of the family. Featuring Disney characters and cute figures, Samsonite kids luggage is available in different sizes to meet the needs of children of all ages.

 5.6. Samsonite Garment Bags

Designed to carry garments that need to be kept in good shape, Samsonite garment bags are ideal when traveling for a special event and make life easier for working gentlemen.

 5.7. Samsonite Luggage Covers

Samsonite luggage covers offer extra protection for quality suitcases against wetting, scratching, and tarnish.

 5.8. Samsonite Luggage Lock & Security Accessories

Samsonite luggage straps prevent possible accidents during travel, while luggage tags are a stylish solution against unwanted confusion during baggage claim. Samsonite security locks have an extra robust structure to protect valuable items. If you think security comes first during travel, iGA (Istanbul Grand Airport) istbuy is the place to find a Samsonite luggage lock and security accessory to your liking!

 5.9. Samsonite Neck Pillows

Samsonite neck pillows make long journeys much more enjoyable and comfortable. In this way, even long-distance flights over 12 hours and delays that prolong journeys are no longer a problem.

 5.10. Samsonite Toiletry & Cosmetic Kits

Made of extra durable fabric, Samsonite multi-section toiletry and cosmetic kits help all travelers carry their personal care products safely.

 5.11. Samsonite Tablet Sleeves

Samsonite tablet sleeves with their elegant design and versatile use carry valuable electronics safely on business and leisure trips.

 5.12. Samsonite Laptop Bags

Samsonite laptop bags, specially designed for frequently traveling businesspersons, combine elegance and functionality with superior quality.

 5.13. Samsonite Laptop Backpacks

Lightweight and durable Samsonite laptop backpacks are optimal for daily use and also suitable on short trips with the large inner volume they offer.

 5.14. Samsonite Laptop Sleeves

Specially designed for laptop computers, Samsonite laptop sleeves allow you to safely carry all your electronics from chargers to cell phones.

 5.15. Samsonite Backpacks

Samsonite backpacks appeal to all segments from office workers to free-spirited travelers and they stand out with their water-repellent features, versatile usage, and elegant design.

 5.16. Samsonite Waist Packs

Designed to keep daily needs organized, Samsonite waist packs offer a stylish look for both city life and travelers.

 5.17. Samsonite Sling Packs

Samsonite sling packs allow you to carry your daily belongings safely, while their modern and stylish designs add an eye-catching look to your style.

 5.18. Samsonite Crossbody Bags

Samsonite crossbody bags available in a broad range from laptop bags to sling packs offer a comfortable and stylish use in daily routine and travel.

 5.19. Samsonite Umbrellas

Samsonite umbrellas make life easier for users of all ages with their comfortable and practical use in tough weather conditions.

 5.20. Samsonite Wallets

Samsonite card holders and wallets, which offer the opportunity to carry ID cards comfortably thanks to RFID protection, are available in a broad range that can appeal to every user.

 6. Which country are Samsonite products made in?

About 40 percent of Samsonite’s luggage range is made in India. The brand also has two assembly plants in Hungary.

 7. Are Samsonite bags washable?

  •   Samsonite bags should not be machine-washed.
  •   Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  •   Do not use chemical cleaners such as acetone, alcohol, etc.

 8. Where can I buy Samsonite products?

Samsonite products are available with a broad selection on istbuy, iGA’s shopping platform. You can check out Samsonite luggage prices before embarking on a journey from Istanbul Airport and easily complete your purchase in a few steps!